Do you want to upgrade your certification to RYT 500?


A 200 hour certification is a great start in your yoga education, but its just the first step in the life long journey of learning. KIRANA means light. We believe each of us is a light, and we all have our own unique light to share and light up the world. A good teacher to us means being able to spark the light in others to shine. Not only to shine in their physical practice, but more important to shine out the best version of themselves and to live their life to the fullest.


We understand that the benefit of yoga is not limited to the physical body. We believe that yoga can transform your life. But what is the thread between the physical practice and the life transformation? How do we deliver that into our class and teaching? We begin to explore this in 200 hours training and in the 300 hours training we have the opportunity to dig deeper into the internal, energetical and physical practice of yoga, and learn how to apply all of this knowledge to everyday life so you can truly live your yoga. We address ‘yogi’ as a whole – not only with a body, but also with mind and spirit and our training modules reflect this knowing.
The impetuous behind developing KIRANA teacher training 300 hour program was two fold. First was to create a holistic yoga teacher training that put equal emphasis on cultivating skillful teachers and life transformation. The second part of the vision is to expose students to many different facets of the yoga practice by providing access to diverse field of study with masterful teachers. The whole program will allow you to choose the path that you are most passionate about and provide you with the tools to bring your practice off the mat.

Who can join KIRANA 300 hours training?

Either you want to get your RYT500 or you just want to deepen your knowledge, to enhance your teching skill or find more tools to balance your life, you all can join the modules you are interested in.


If you are a RYT or ERYT 200

Means you are ready to upgrade your certification to RYT 500. If you are not graduated from KIRANA 200 hour program or any other VINYASA yoga school (that we approved), that means you are required to take our foundation module “The Art and Science of Sequencing”.

If you are in the middle of completing our 200 hour certification

You can also join the training and be ready to directly get your 500 hour certification. Since our program is not an intensive program, you will have time to collect your hours while finishing your 200 hour certification.

If you have not considered to upgrade your certification to RYT500 yet, OR you have not took any 200 hour TTC, OR you are not a yoga teacher and you are just a yoga practitioner who want to learn more

You are welcome to jump into any modules we have, except those that have pre-required module like “Multi Layered Sequencing” that is tandem with foundation module “The art and Science of Sequencing”. You will see we have some independent module that is very useful to be applied into your practice, your daily life and your teaching. In additional you will never lost the time and energy you invested because our program give you the chance to change your mind and allow you to finish certification within 3 years.

Who will be the faculties?

We put tremendous amount of thought into what we wanted to create and who we wanted to invite and be our faculties. The teachers that we considered expert in the particular field of study, and they are aligned with the KIRANA greater vision of sharing and kindling the light.

How does the whole program look like?

The standard requirements from Yoga Alliance to accomplish 300 hour certification is completing 270 contact hours in the training. You have 3 years to fulfill this requirement from the time you take your first module of the training.
The program is designed in a module format. There are 4 required modules which make up 128 hours of the program. These required modules give you the frame work and basic tools to enhance your teaching skill and acknowledge in a well rounded way.

Required modules :

24 hours Deepening Your Asanas Part II Deera Dewi TBA
40 hours Multi Layered Sequencing Cristi Christensen & Ing Ing TBA
40 hours Awakening The Chakra Connection Cristi Christensen TBA
24 hours Deepening Your Asanas Part I Deera Dewi TBA

For the remaining 142 hours, you will have the freedom to design your own curriculum by choosing from our variety of elective modules or dual certification program. You will customize your training by choosing the modules you are most passionate and interested in enrich your learning.

Elective modules (not fix or restricted to the below modules only) :

12 hours Charging Your Prana Ronan Tang TBA
18 hours Energetic Meridian Alignment Ronan Tang TBA
24 hours Know Thy Self Heal Thy Self Umã Inder TBA
24 hours Healing Soung and Movement Daphne Tse TBA
24 hours Pranayama & Meditation Dewi Loho TBA
24 hours Liberated Yoga Dance Cristi Christensen TBA

Dual certification program (Learn more about dual certification prgram) :

24 hours Hansa Flow Elements Series Vincent Bolletta TBA
40 hours Hansa Therapy : Pelvic Puzzle Vincent Bolletta TBA
48 hours Hansa Therapy : Thoracic Rhythm Vincent Bolletta TBA
40 hours Hansa Therapy : Shoulder Complex Vincent Bolletta TBA
40 hours Hansa Therapy : Intensive Assesment Vincent Bolletta TBA

How can you accomplish the certification?

After you finish minimum 270 hours training, we will require you to submit an essay, of how to integrate the different modules that you took and crystalized it into your own teaching. The essay can be in English or Indonesian and then you need to present it to the appointed mentor.


What is the language used in training?

We will have dual languange for most of the training. Those modules taught in English will be accompanied by translator and translate the training as needed. Those modules taught in Indonesian will be translated into English in some cases that we considered needed.
The manual for 300 hours program comes in english (unless Indonesian teacher teaches the module).