KIRANA is a sanskrit word means LIGHT

BKS Iyengar said “Yoga is a light which once lit will never dim. The better you practice the brighter the flame”. Yoga is a light, each of us is a light! How the light within us can be the light for others through teaching yoga. How can we share our light? This is how KIRANA approach the training.



Are you considering to join your first Yoga Teacher Training?


The decision you are about to make, whether you’ve decided you want to teach or simply dig deeper into your own practice and understanding, might change your entire life. Our mission is to provide a teacher training that helps students to not only teach a safe, effective, and well sequenced classes but also to inspire them to be the best individuals they can be.

Do you want to upgrade your certification to RYT 500?


A 200 hour certification is a great start in your yoga education, but its just the first step in the life long journey of learning. KIRANA means light. We believe each of us is a light, and we all have our own unique light to share and light up the world. A good teacher to us means being able to spark the light in others to shine. Not only to shine in their physical practice, but more important to shine out the best version of themselves and to live their life to the fullest.

Where to stay during the training?

There are a lot of hotel within one block from Yoga Heart, from budget hotel to 5 stars hotel.
Here is the link.