Thanks to her upbringing, Katya inherited high ideals and aspiration toward knowledge and intellectual excellence which form a creative dimension of her personality. Her love of the clear, broad world of creative thought accompanied her in life, giving capacity for a detached and objective observation of existence and greater insight into human behavior.

Through the lineage of her teacher Andrei Ram and through Kriya Yoga, she discovered magic of the inner journey and devoted her life entirely to the spiritual practices and now spends most of the time sharing the knowledge of healing through Yoga and Meditation.

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise or practice on the mat. It is a ritual. It is a sacred space. It is a constant work which is done in every moment of our daily lives. Living in harmony with the creative forces of the Universe and listening to our inner guidance helps us to move from restrictions of the thinking mind into expansion of the heart and deeper understanding of ourselves. Deep appreciation of all creative forms which express human aspiration toward the Divine – in particular music and literature are expressed in Katya’s classes, and gently guiding practitioners to that inner experience of boundlessness which we all crave.