Are you considering to join your first Yoga Teacher Training?


The decision you are about to make, whether you’ve decided you want to teach or simply dig deeper into your own practice and understanding, might change your entire life. Our mission is to provide a teacher training that helps students to not only teach a safe, effective, and well sequenced classes but also to inspire them to be the best individuals they can be.


It begins by starting to develop a deep intimate relationship with yourself, your body, your practice, and your heart. You will move through your own self imposed limitations, access the unique light within and learn how to start sharing that light with the world. It will be vulnerable, magical, beautiful and confronting. Yoga as its essence is transformation and transformation is not easy. Self evolution takes work but the journey is worth it. We promise! We will be with you in every step of the way on this journey.


Are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to start living on PURPOSE? Do you want to INSPIRE and SERVE others while deepening your understanding of this ancient practice? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you may be ready to join the training. Cristi Christensen and Ing Ing as our main faculties plus other guest teacher will lead you through this transformative 200 hours teacher training.


Do you resonate with your program?
Listen and trust your heart, it will lead you to the right training.










What makes our program different from others?

We are not just teaching asana or providing you with the necessary teaching skills. Even though this is a very important part of the process, it is only one step in the whole process. This training is about self discovery and self empowerment. You will be provided with the basic framework and depth of understanding to help you finding your own voice, your own teaching style, and teach in the way that is truly authentic to who you are! You being you and sharing you, will make you a powerful teacher! You are the essence of your teaching. You can inspire your student to live their life to the fullest, and that is what really matter to us!
Are you ready?

KIRANA 200 hour Teacher Training is recognized by the Yoga Alliance, which means our curriculum and teachers meet the standard describes by them. Our program includes 184 contact hours (classroom training time with the faculties) and the rest non contact hours are made up of homework, observing classes, teaching practice and mentorship program. Once you completed your contact and non contact hours, you will be required to take the Written Test. When you pass the written test and we verify your qualification, we will issue KIRANA TEACHER CERTIFICATE, then you can apply your RYT200 directly to Yoga Alliance. This may sound a lot, but together we are going extra miles in this training. We want to give you all the tools that we have, so you can get the most of this training and be a great teacher.

How do we approach the training?

We will have 5 segments that are integrated from the beginning to the end of the training and interweaving between each segment :

  • Deepen the Practice
  • Deepen the Knowledge
  • Teaching Skill
  • Self Exploration
  • Practicum, Homework and Mentoring

What is covered in the training?

Kirana Teacher Training is a VINYASA training which use unique methodology and approach to sequencing. This approach will allow you to understand not only the arc of the class but will teach you how to build safe, creative and effective sequences. Instead of giving you an exact sequence to teach, you will gain the knowledge and the tools to create your own intelligent sequences appropriate for your own students level and needs. Over the course of this 23 days journey together, your classmates will become your support system and family. A bond will be formed that will exceed well beyond the mat and the days of the training. We will bringing in several guest teachers who will share their expertise with you on an array of subjects from Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Pre/post natal.


Our modules will be (manual available in english and indonesian):

    1. Yoga Philosophy
    2. Muscles and Bones
      The Anatomy of Movements.
    3. Yogasanas, included in this module are:
      • Physical Alignment
      • Energetical Alignment
      • Adjustment and Enhancement
      • 40 basic poses and how to teach them
      • Verbal Instruction
    4. Vinyasa and Sequencing
    5. Pranayama, Mudra, and Banda
    6. The Art of Teaching
  1. Introduction to (can be vary and not fix to):
    • 7 chakra system
    • Ayurveda and 3 dosha
    • Kids Yoga
    • Yin Yoga
    • Yoga as therapeutic
    • Restorative Yoga
    • Psychology
  2. Musicality, Using and Projecting the Voice
  3. Finding Your Dharma
  4. How to promote yourself in the yoga field
  5. The heart of KIRANA teacher

The Faculties

The 200 hour KIRANA Teacher Training will be lead by Cristi Christensen, Deera Dewi, and Ing Ing.
Cristi, Deera, and Ing Ing have over 35 years combined teaching experience, each bring equally powerful but different skill sets and perspectives to the table which adds to dimensions and depth to the training. The generosity in their teaching will quench your thirst. How they are different yet shine their light in their authentic way, will just inspire you to find your own way of teachings. In additional, you might have guest teachers along the training to enrich your perspective too, Be prepare to work hard, go deep and laugh out loud!

Cristi Christensen

After earning her degree in Kinesiology, a former elite-level gymnast and platform diver that trained with US Olympic diving team, Cristi studied extensively for over 12 years with world-renowned yoga teachers including Saul David Raye, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn and other teachers, then she focus herself to helping others improve their level of fitness. Her unique and hollistic approach of teaching will bring all levels of your being to be transformed and awakened, phyically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her bright energy permeates her teaching, creating a dynamic and unique practice that imbues her student with potent vitality. Her class is a perfect melange of inspiration with athleticism.

Deera Dewi

A teacher with great attention to clear systematic knowledge of the body, Deera is known for her patienct and understanding in teaching. With many established students and followers, Deera has developed a path that surrounds her with positive energy that is felt through ever practice she leads.
A spirited heart who has earned RYT 500 and keeps searching to grow in many trainings around the world, Deera has also taught in all kind of festivals, workshops, and events.
Her style is diverse, ranging from Hatha, Vinyasa, and Meditation. Believing in self- healing as a tool, her background in sports, athletics, and martial arts have supported her teachings and compassion for a varieaty of students.
Deera is a powerful motivator that will elevate your practice to a new level ; where ever you are!!

Ing Ing

For her yoga is a life time journey of learning about herself and balancing her life. She teaches what embodied in her practice, that is synthesized from different yoga lineages and teachers that she learned in the past 13 years, but mainly inspired by Prana Vinyasa that she learned from Shiva Rea and Twee Merrrigan. For her teaching is learning and her students are her teachers.
Her ability to breakdown the movement and transition into details, her sensitivity to the subtle movement in the body give a unique color into her teaching. She always asks her student to build a solid foundation, to be mindful of each and every step on the mat, to feel every details of the body if possible, to listen to every breath and every feeling that arises within the asanas, and most importantly to fully enjoy the whole journey, because yoga is a sacred time spent with yourself.


You might consider your investment before you join the training. Not only the money, but also the time and energy that you will put into the training. We understand that everything you are going to invest, need to be worth it. What you have been worrying, are in our consideration. That’s why we recommend you to attend our ‘PRESENTATION’ and learn more about the training and how our post training program will support you in your teaching. We do CARE about your investment and how to make your investment WORTH !


The Investment

    • Standard Fees : Rp. 21,000.000 (pease contact us for early bird price and special discount)
    • The fees include the course fee, the manual, vegetarian lunch during training,and certificate upon completion all the requirements.
    • The fees doesn’t include registration fee to Yoga Alliance.

Payment Method

      • Full Payment (and get special discount)
      • Instalment (please contact us for our instalment program)
      • GIVE BACK PROGRAM, contact us for details


Meet one or more of the faculties with possibly our other guest teachers to learn and ask more about our program. If you are interested to join the presentation, click the button below and we will send you the invitation.